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Natalie Rigney
VP of Wellness 
Grace Rigney
VP of Operations and Marketing

Stephanie is the definition of a "people person" and she is here to help you on your leadership development journey. She has over 25 years as an educator, along with experience in non-profit legal work, and retail manager. Stephanie is ready to help you see how LeadWell can best work for you. 

Natalie has a robust background in athletics including playing college soccer and coaching collegiate soccer (both men's and women's teams). Natalie also has a Master of Arts degree in Leadership Studies from Piedmont International University and a passion to see people develop as healthy leaders. Natalie is our go-to person for learning how physical health translates to leadership success. 

Meet The LeadWell Development Group

At LeadWell our goal is to see you and your team become healthy and productive as individuals, teammates, and culture-makers. Your success is our passion and for us, it is a family affair. Whatever you need on your journey towards more effective and healthy leadership development, our team is here to make that happen. Along with our LeadWell program we have coaches in different areas of expertise to help you learn how to lead well and be well, so no matter what your question is about we have someone ready to answer.

 Let us know how we can help you to be well and lead well. 

Benjamin Rigney, PhD
Founder and President
Mike Rigney

With over 30 years of business experience in logistics and operations, Mike is our resident business expert. Mike earned his MBA from Florida Institute of Technology, and has spent his life dedicated to becoming a successful, healthy, balanced, and productive leader. He is excited to share that wealth of knowledge with you and your team. 

Ben is the founder of LeadWell. Ben's background is in non-profit leadership including churches and religious non-profit organizations. After completing his PhD in Leadership Studies from Piedmont International University Ben realized the need for a easy-to-follow program to help develop healthy and capable leaders. It was from that realization that LeadWell was born. Ben's personal website can be seen here

Stephanie Rigney
VP of Customer Care

Grace is our resident marketing and human resources guru. She is a graduate of Liberty University with degrees in human resources and project management as well as experience in tech-based startups. Grace is ready to let the world know about the LeadWell program and how it can serve you and your organization. 

Brady the Dog
LeadWell Mascot

Brady is a dog (named after New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady). He loves cookies, belly rubs, and being told that he looks pretty. Brady keeps up team morale and contributes to the overall wellness of everybody who gets to meet him. 

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