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The full LeadWell Program will be fully launching in Summer 2019.

You are welcome to check out our free preview of LeadWell Premium available now.

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Details about The LeadWell Program 

The LeadWell program is designed to be progressive and easy to follow. One of the clearest lessons I learned during my PhD dissertation was that while many people wanted to develop leaders (or develop as a leader) they lacked a clear, progressive, and easy to follow plan. We at LeadWell have tried to change that by providing a simple, clear, effective, and easy to follow curriculum that teachers, coaches, business executives, pastors, and individuals can follow. 

The plan begins with broad concepts about leadership theory and progressively gets more practical after making sure to have a solid foundation about what leadership is (and what leadership is not). The progression of the curriculum is illustrated below: 

The LeadWell program is based on the understanding that a leader needs to be healthy and engage in healthy behavior in order to be the best leader possible. So the curriculum begins broadly by discussing leadership as a general concept before getting progressively narrower to discuss the specific actions the participant needs to take in order to be a healthy leader who is producing other healthy leaders in a healthy culture. This "funnel approach" to learning provides students and facilitators with a foundation in leadership before explaining how they can best develop their personal leadership abilities.  

For the specifics regarding how the LeadWell Program is delivered click here to see the different LeadWell Program formats. 

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