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The LeadWell Program

Begin your journey to becoming a better leader and a better human. 

Find the right LeadWell format for you

The LeadWell Program is available in 3 different formats: LeadWell Basic, LeadWell Premium, and LeadWell Live. The details of each format are given below so you can decide which LeadWell Program format is best for you and your organization. 

LeadWell Basic is our way of saying hi. It is our introductory program so you can get acquainted with the LeadWell program. It features all 16 lessons in both their written and video format. This is a great tool if you've never explored leadership development or if you want to see if what we offer is good for you. 

LeadWell Premium includes everything you get in the LeadWell Basic program (16 lessons with written and video components) plus real world examples, review questions, group discussion questions, extra resources, and teacher guides. This is what you need to get the most out of what the LeadWell program has to offer. For information regarding pricing, contact us (we have individual, team, nonprofit, and corporate rates). We believe in this product, so scholarship forms are available if your budget is tight. This is a great tool for going through as an individual, team, or organization. 

LeadWell Live is our in-person training for the LeadWell program. We will come to you and coach you through the LeadWell program. This is a great format whether you want us to come train the leaders who will facilitate the program or you want us to talk to you team directly. We offer 1-2 day workshops, single session events, and leadership consulting. LeadWell Live can be used in conjunction with other LeadWell formats or it can stand alone. The choice is up to you (but we'll gladly discuss it with you). 

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