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We develop effective and holistically healthy leaders

Our goal is to see leaders develop as healthy and productive people, so they lead healthy and productive organizations.

Be Well. Lead Well

The full LeadWell Program will be launching in Summer 2019

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The LeadWell Team

Our team is excited about helping you and your team become healthy people and healthy leaders. 

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The LeadWell Program

The LeadWell Program is the heart and soul of our organization. The LeadWell program is available in three formats: LeadWell Basic, LeadWell Premium, and LeadWell Live. 

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The LeadWell Curriculum

The LeadWell curriculum is designed to be user friendly, clear, and progressively practical. We believe that leadership development is way to important to be needlessly complicated or confusing. 

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When I was 21 years old I faced one of the hardest decisions I had encountered at that point in my life: play basketball for my university or take an internship in one of the most exciting church networks in the world. Neither option was a bad choice, so I took the internship because I believed it would be the most profitable option for my career (and it involved significantly less running, which was an additional bonus). 

Fast forward two years later: I was ending my internship now that I had graduated from seminary. I was in an amazing church, surrounded by amazing people, and I was doing what I loved to do, yet I was absolutely miserable. During my time in seminary I had imploded. I stopped exercising, became socially isolated, lived a high stress life, and ate anything that was high in sugar or caffeine in my pursuit of professional growth. I wanted to be great and I was willing to sacrifice my body, my social life, and my mental health in order to achieve that goal. 

What I didn’t realize at the time is that my wellness (or in my case, an absolute lack of wellness) wasn’t the cost of being great; it was keeping me from becoming great. Looking back I can see that it became harder and harder to be productive, my grades dipped, my work in the church became an afterthought, and I became a generally unpleasant person. 

My attempt to divorce my professional development from my personal development was insane and counterproductive, but yet many people continue to do the same thing. Researchers found that 90% of high school students fail to get an adequate amount of exercise (Li et al., 2016), 47% of PhD students are depressed (Panger, Tryon, & Smith, 2014), 33% of lawyers are “problem drinkers” (Krill, Johnson, & Albert, 2016), and approximately 90% of CEO’s struggle with work-life balance (Tappin & Cave, 2010). We are sacrificing our own wellbeing for the sake of achievement. 

The purpose of this program is to show you that not only do you not have to sacrifice your wellbeing for the sake of success, but actually your lack of wellbeing may be keeping you from success. There is a different way to be successful and it begins by being healthy. 


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